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The Problem of Communication

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As is well known, communication is a relationship in which messages are conveyed between two sources. If the messages flow only in one direction, no communication takes place. Feedback is a must for communication. Today, the word “communication” has mostly technological connotations. When we hear the word communication, we think of radio, television, newspapers, phones, computers, the Internet, and the like, and this technological dimension means that information can today flow between countries, nations and individuals in an unrestrained way, crossing borders freely. Communication provides the infrastructure for interaction, but is commonly used in a sense that covers interaction [...]

Look At That Word and All That It Does!

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In their relations with themselves and with their environment, people act consciously, and this consciousness extends both to the environment and to control. This separates people qualitatively from animals, as the closest relations to humans among all natural creatures. Animals are also conscious of their environment, but in a passive manner, while people, on the other hand, are not only conscious of their environment, but are also conscious of themselves. As the only creatures with self-awareness, humans are the sole real subjects in nature. “Animals are directly identical with their own life activity; they cannot distinguish themselves from their [...]