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The Implausibly Difficult Task of Comprehending the Theory of Relativity

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Tardyons, Luxons, and Beyond The Leap Space Six Main Points of the Theory Imagining the Leap Space Everything, without Exception, is on the Move! Using E=mc2 to Practice Philosophy Faster Than the Speed of Light? A Concept without a System is Undefined Rational Time Became Real Time We Should Say Equivalence Instead of Equation We Need Intuitive Imagination Tardyons, Luxons, and Beyond Einstein’s theory contains a conceptualization that emphasizes the need for luxons (packets of radiation, quanta) to move at the speed of [...]

It Is No Longer Possible to Engage in Philosophy without Understanding the Paradigm Shift in Physics

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Physics Providing Guidance to the Intellectual World Time is Not External to Objects but a Part of Their Existence How Do You Comprehend Motion Where Immobility Does Not Exist? If the Speed of Light is the Highest Possible Speed, What is the Speed of Light Squared? From Moving Objects to Movement that Appears as Object Space is not a Place Physics Providing Guidance to the Intellectual World Einstein’s theory of relativity had two parts: special relativity and general relativity. General relativity is still controversial, but without general relativity, [...]

Is “Enlightenment” Possible Without Understanding the Paradigm-Shifting Theory of Relativity?

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As Times Change, So Do the Contents of Concepts Kant's Distinction between Phenomena and Noumena The East Started But Failed to Complete; the West Went Slow and Steady What is Not Related is Not Defined The Theory of Objective Relativity is the Most Revolutionary Theory of Our Age Another Look at Kant’s Phenomena through This Understanding How Did Hegel Overcome the Dilemma? From Contradiction to Relation: Relatio, Religare, Relativity Knowing Means Knowing the Transformation of a Thing For Enlightenment, We Must Update the Method of Logic We Use The [...]